Federal Contractors Must Offer Paid Sick Leave

  “We are the only advanced country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee paid sick leave or paid maternity leave to our workers. . . . And that forces too many parents to make the gut-wrenching … [Read more...]

Multiple Award Contracts – GSA is Not the Only Fruit

You may have heard about a GSA contract – it’s one of the best known of the federal government’s long-term multiple-award type contracts.  Any federal agency can purchase products and services from … [Read more...]

The Real-Life NASA Technologies in “The Martian”

In the upcoming movie, “The Martian”, a NASA astronaut (Matt Damon) struggles to survive after being stranded on Mars. This week NASA posted information about nine major technologies used in the … [Read more...]

Affirmative Action Plan for Individuals with Disabilities

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  Federal government contractors and subcontractors must take affirmative action to employ … [Read more...]

Earthquakes – Are You At Risk?

Earthquakes are one of the most costly natural hazards faced by the Nation, posing a significant risk to 75 million Americans in 39 States. These risks can be greatly reduced by planning, … [Read more...]

Am I a Small Business? Yes!… No!…. Maybe!….Sometimes!

It sounds like a simple question, but like so much in life, and particularly when it comes to doing business with the federal government, the answer can be more complicated than you might … [Read more...]