What is a ‘Set-Aside’ Contract?

How does an agency decide to 'set-aside' a contract for a small, 8(a), veteran-owned or woman-owned business? The Contracting Officer takes into account what is known as "The Rule of Two": A … [Read more...]

Could You Defeat ‘Rachel from Card Holder Services’?

The Federal Trade Commission has launched two new contests as part of their effort to combat those annoying ‘robo-calls’ we all get. The initiative, called ‘Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back”, aims … [Read more...]

How Are Bids Evaluated?

When you submit a proposal how does the agency evaluate the bids they receive? Section M in the solicitation document will state how your bid will be evaluated, and the weight the agency will give … [Read more...]

The FAA is looking for Small Construction Companies in the NJ Area

The FAA is establishing a Qualified Vendor List for general construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical small business contractors located in the New Jersey area. Your business must be … [Read more...]

What Does the Government Buy? It May Surprise You!

When you think about federal purchasing, it’s easy to imagine large, complex military-type products and services.  But federal agencies also purchase large quantities of the more mundane stuff of life … [Read more...]

GSA Schedules Spotlight… Schedule 738X

There are over 40 GSA Schedules, covering many different products and services.  Some are large and well known, such as Schedule 70 for IT products and services. Others you may not be aware … [Read more...]