GSA Reverse Auctions is Now Open to Non-Contract Holders

GSA Reverse Auctions allows agencies to buy simple products and services. The platform has been restricted to GSA contract holders, and the products and services awarded on their schedule contracts. … [Read more...]

New Report Cards for GSA Contractors

Starting today, GSA contract holders will see changes to the usual report cards that are issued following a Contractor Assistance Visit. The new Contractor Assessment Report provides a snapshot of … [Read more...]

GSA Contract Compliance – Understanding ‘Scope’ and ‘Open Market’ Items

There are 40 separate GSA schedule contracts, covering many different products and services.  In addition, each schedule is further sub-divided into Special Item Numbers (SINs). For example, … [Read more...]

Making Federal Buildings Safer for Birds

An estimated 1 billion birds die annually in the United States from striking buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures. A recently introduced bill known as the Federal Bird-Safe Buildings … [Read more...]

Understanding Federal Regulations

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) are used by all federal agencies when they purchase supplies or services, and you will find them in every solicitation document. Some regulations may be … [Read more...]

NASA’s 2015 Software Catalog Now Available for Download

NASA has just released its second annual Software Catalog, with access to over 1,000 program tools at no cost. The catalog offers a wide range of software for a variety of technical applications, … [Read more...]