The Harm that Jargon Can Do

According to a recent article in Defense One, the Dept of Defense admits that its failure to explain why military budget cuts are a threat to national security is due in part to poor communication … [Read more...]

President Announces New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes.

President Obama has announced two new manufacturing innovation institutes – one in Chicago and one in Detroit -- as well as a competition for the first of four additional institutes that will boost … [Read more...]

Competition Offers $35K for Ideas to Reduce Travel Costs

GSA recently posted a competition  for a technology-based tool to help reduce travel costs - highlighting where the agency is spending money, and where they can reduce travel costs. First prize is … [Read more...]

Using Social Media During Health Emergencies

The department of Health and Human Services has issued a Sources Sought notice for a proposed social media mining tool that would help them during health emergencies - showing which hospitals were … [Read more...]

Drones are the Best Cameramen at the Olympics

According to an article in Quartz magazine, using a drone camera is quieter, cheaper, gets much closer to the subject, and could be the future of sports broadcasting. … [Read more...]

Construction Industry Pledges 100,000 Jobs for Veterans

At a recent Veterans' Employment in Construction symposium, construction employers and associations pledged to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years. The symposium also included … [Read more...]