Another Fraud Alert

  Yet another fraud alert for phishing or spam emails.... The procurement website known as DIBBS (Dept. of Defense Internet Bid Board System) recently issued a fraud alert.  Vendors have … [Read more...]

GSA Contract Compliance – Report Cards – Part Two

  Yesterday I posted information about GSA’s Contractor Report Card, and discussed the questions contained in the Category 1 (Critical) section of the report. Failing to meet any one of these … [Read more...]

GSA Contract Compliance – Report Cards

  Being a successful GSA Schedule contractor is about more than just getting sales – you must also comply with the specific terms and conditions of your contract. GSA conducts a periodic … [Read more...]

Solicitation Numbers – What Do They Mean?

  Classify this information as not exactly essential, but good to know...   The solicitation number is made up of several parts. The first 6 digits (a mix of letters & … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe – Back-to-School Cyber-Security Tips

  As kids prepare to go back to school, check out the Dept. of Homeland Security’s simple steps for keeping your school-age children safe when using their mobile devices or going … [Read more...]

Moving Ahead with ‘The Wall’

  Last month the Army Corps of Engineers posted its intention to create a Pre-Qualified Sources List for ‘horizontal construction projects’ in support of the DHS Border Infrastructure Program … [Read more...]

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