Government Shutdown – How Will it Affect Contracts?

Since 2015, agencies are required to keep and regularly update their documented shutdown plans. These plans vary significantly from agency to agency. Here's how a few of them have responded: DHS … [Read more...]

Dept. Defense Awards Contract to “Hack the Pentagon”

The Dept. of Defense hosted the first federal government ‘bug bounty program’ last spring. In the “Hack the Pentagon” pilot over 1,400 registered hackers tested the defenses of five DOD websites, and … [Read more...]

Does Your Company Have an Innovative Cyber Solutions Technology?

This summer, the Department of Defense will be inviting some ‘innovative’ IT companies to make presentations about their technologies and capabilities in the following areas: Cyber Situational … [Read more...]

The Army is Looking for American-Made Tools

The Army has posted a Market Research notice, looking for information on the availability of domestic sources for certain hand and measuring tools. Dept. of Defense regulation #225.7002-1 (known as … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much?

When the 1990 National Defense Authorization Act allowed the Dept. of Defense to transfer their excess property to local law enforcement, local police departments saw an opportunity to supplement … [Read more...]