How Are Bids Evaluated?

When you submit a proposal how does the agency evaluate the bids they receive?   Solicitation documents are formatted in a specific, consistent way.  Look for Section M “Evaluation Factors … [Read more...]

Doing Business with the US Coast Guard – Construction

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center - Construction purchases a wide variety of requirements and services, including construction/maintenance of shore facilities, … [Read more...]

Calling All Developers – Submit your Disaster Response Apps to FirstNet

The Department of Commerce partnered with AT&T to develop FirstNet - a broadband network exclusively for first responders – and now wants to build a dedicated app store for public safety-related … [Read more...]

Submitting a Proposal? …10 Bidding Mistakes

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal for a federal government contract, you must understand how the process works, and submit a fully compliant offer. All federal contract documents are … [Read more...]

Disaster Business Opportunities – FEMA Offers Free Webinar

In preparation for this year's hurricane season, FEMA will be offering a free webinar on how to do business with the agency. FEMA is particularly looking for local companies in Florida, Alabama, … [Read more...]

Where Do I Begin?

You’ve probably heard about the huge potential of the Federal government marketplace - but how can a small business find the opportunities? Where do you start? There’s so much to understand; so … [Read more...]