DSBS – Your Capability Statement to the Government

  As you’re probably aware, federal agencies have goals for awarding a certain percentage of their contract dollars to particular types of businesses (23% for small businesses; 5 % for … [Read more...]

SAM Registration Update – Notarized Authorization Requirement Expanded & Clarified

  Two weeks ago we wrote about the recent hack into the System for Award Management (SAM) site,  where some registered companies found their bank account information altered, allowing  … [Read more...]

Contractor Alert – E-mail Scam Sending Fake Purchase Orders to Contractors

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) posted a notice on FedBizOpps today, alerting businesses about an email scam that’s sending out fake RFQs and POs to federal contractors. The notice … [Read more...]

Bid Protests Go Online – and Include a Filing Fee

  The Government Accountability Office plans to launch an Electronic Bid Protest Docketing System on May 1st , where you can securely file protests to federal contract awards. In the past, … [Read more...]

GSA’s Subcontracting Directory

GSA's subcontracting directory helps small businesses looking for subcontracting opportunities with GSA prime contractors. The directory lists large prime contractors who have received federal … [Read more...]

How to Prepare a GSA Contract Proposal – Part Two: Research and Read

Preparing a GSA Proposal can be time-consuming and complex, but breaking down the work into smaller parts can make it more manageable – remember that you can submit your GSA proposal at any time, so … [Read more...]