The Post Office Wants New Trucks!

The U.S. Postal Service has issued a Request for Information for a "Next Generation Delivery Vehicle" to replace their existing fleet by 2018.  The agency plans to make a single award for up to … [Read more...]

GSA’s Reverse Auction Tool

GSA’s reverse auction platform has grown quickly since its launch in July 2013. From July 2013 to Jan 2015, total awarded auctions equaled $24 million - and 85% of that went to small businesses. … [Read more...]

Agency Forecasts of Opportunities

Many federal agencies post Forecasts of Opportunities at their websites, giving you advance notice of upcoming bids, often well before the RFQ is posted to FedBizOpps. For example, the Dept. of … [Read more...]

Your Partner in Finding Government Contracts

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Benefits of Working with a GSA Consultant

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Leaping the Hurdles to Government Contracts

When it comes to landing federal contracts, it might seem that big businesses have all the advantages – they have built up relationships with agencies, and have the funds and legal teams at the ready. … [Read more...]