FBI to Small Businesses: Look Out For This Purchase Order Scam

  The FBI has posted an alert about the  latest internet fraud scheme, targeting small and mid-size businesses and universities all over the country. More than 85 companies and universities … [Read more...]

Hackers Target Home & Office Routers – Announcement from the FBI

On May 25th the FBI issued a Public Service Announcement, recommending that anyone with a small office or home office router reboot their devices. Foreign hackers have compromised hundreds of … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft or Account Hacking!

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Small-Business Set-Asides – Limits on Subcontracting

If a contract is a small business set-aside, the small business must perform a certain percentage of the work themselves - Federal Acquisitions limit how much of the work can be subcontracted. FAR … [Read more...]

Top Ten Cyber-Security Tips from the SBA

The Small Business Administration has a list of ten ways you can protect your small business, including best security practices and policies, creating strong passwords, and controlling physical access … [Read more...]

What is a Set-Aside Code?

  Under the Small Business Act, federal agencies conduct a variety of procurements that are reserved partially or totally for small business participation. See FAR Part 19 for more … [Read more...]